Alexander Chernyshov

Status: Lecturer of chair of foreign music history and chair of composition at the Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Professor at the Russian Academy of Natural History, member of the Russian Association for Film and Media Education, member of the Moscow Composers’ Union.

Degree: Ph. D. in Arts (“Jazz & Art Music”, Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, 2009), musicologist, composer.

Research interests: Filmmusic, mediamusic, jazz.

Works: "Song about Falcon" oratorio for chorus (lyric by Maxim Gorky), «Desire» for big band, "Triumph" for symphony orchestra, "World of Cinema" song-hymn for VGIK (Russian State Institute of Cinematography), "Zoyka's Apartment" musical (play by Mikhail Bulgakov), instrumental music for the circus, songs co-written with Andrew Woznesensky, Boris Zakhoder, Leonid Zavalnuk, Peter Sinyavsky, etc.